Android, platform without a vendor?

Tim Bray spoke at the Razorfish technology summit a couple of years ago. It looks like he’s finally leaving Sun/Oracle to join Google and work on the Android platform. Android has been getting plenty of press and looks like a fun device, I’ve played around with a bunch. In Tim’s post about joining Google, he gives credit to Dave Winer for recognizing that Android is the ‘platform without a vendor’.  That’s a neat way to put it. At the end of the day, the most exciting thing to me is choice, competition, and different perspectives. We are all guessing at where the future is headed and the only way to find out is through experimentation and learning.


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One thought on “Android, platform without a vendor?

  1. Max Nanasy

    Tim Bray calls the Web, not Android, a platform without a vendor: “The big thing about the Web isn’t the technology, it’s that it’s the first-ever platform without a vendor (credit for first pointing this out goes to Dave Winer).”

    This doesn’t really apply to Android, at least in terms of software, since there is basically one production OS implementation from a single vendor, whereas the Web has multiple disparate clients (Firefox, wget, etc.) and servers (Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc.) by multiple disparate vendors, with no single standard production implementation.

    This could apply to Android if there were alternative production implementations of the operating system (there already are for hardware) that were not controlled by Google and that were regarded as siblings to Google’s implementation (i.e. Google’s implementation could not be considered the single “standard” implementation, with the others considered knock-offs).


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